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Who, ever in the family knew that entrepreneur has been born in a farmer’s home? In a home where farming comes by DNA, no matter how long you go back in the history but find a farmer only throughout the clan. Our Daai’s natural raw instinct and knowledge of herbs, medicinal plants, oils, spices, vegetables, and fruits, goes into the root of the invention of this beautiful herbal, chemical free skin care product line that you see today from Daadi Pharma and the Anti-Pigma is in the center of it all.

With the generous intentions to helping the community and people around dearest Daadi ji, facing skin problems like Melasma, sunburns, pigmentation, blackheads, acne etc., She collected some readily available fine ingredients like Masoor Daal(Lentil), Saffron extracts, Multani Mitti, Gulab Jal, Nutmeg, Fenugreek, Turmeric and Virgin Aloe Vera along with some Essential Oils(Secrete formula) Essential Herbs(Secrete formula) in the kitchen and around and invented a formula with her unconditional Love & Care infused in it. When it worked, results were immensely magical. Soon the formula became talk of the town.

Our Beloved Daadi Ji Late Smt. Kelawati Devi 

...The Real Inspiration Behind Daadi Pharma Co.

She always insisted patients on bringing their own material except for two very key secrete ingredients to prepare the solution for them. She never charged a single penny until very recently when people reluctant or lazy to bring the material, requested her to buy herself, use on her side to make the solution for them.

We lost our beloved Daadi ji in late 80s, but the train once started never stopped as she passed on this precious secrete sauce to next generation in the family to serve the humanity further.

After earning a lot of accolades and reputation in the area, now the start-up age we the third generation in the clan thought to carry the idea forward to serve humanity at the mass scale.  

Ms. Vandna Sharma
Founder and CEO of Daadi Pharma

Ideated by a strong woman our beloved Daadi Ji, inspired by her humble character, we embarked on a journey to provide safe and clean beauty, to bring about substantial changes in the beauty & wellness sphere. I being a woman, we have advocated the ‘women in business’ notion whilst giving support to women at all levels - from handpicking the ingredients to shape up a product, women have been a quintessential part of the journey.  80% of Daadi Pharma’ team & board are women.

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