Bhringa Hair Protection Oil

 A Novel Hair Protection Formula

We know when it comes to the hair on your head you love them most but are you facing these problems?
👉Hair Loss
👉Dry Hair
👉Split Ends
👉Frizzy Hair
👉Dull Hair
👉Gray Hair
👉Greasy Hair
👉Dry Scalp
👉Weak Hair
👉Have you tried all expensive serums, conditioners, ayurvedic treatment, consultation and prescriptions of expensive doctors?

👉Have you lost all hopes?
👉Bet your last penny on us, trust you will not regret.


Daadi Pharma.


 Castor oil

 Onion oil

 Onion Seed Oil 


 Almond Oil 

 Jojoba Oil

 Sunflower Oil

 Bhringraj Oil 

 Amla Oil


 Shikakai powder

 Tea Tree Oil


 ⚫Methi Dana

  Essential Oils (Secrete formula)

This is our secret formula

 Essential Herbs (Secret formula)

This is our secret formula

 …..And Daadi's unconditional Love & Care.



Stop hair fall

Stop grey hair 

Boosts Hair Growth

Adds Strength & Shine

Balances Scalp

Stop dandruff

Strengthen weak hair

Nourishes Hair

Stop hair fall

Stop grey hair 

Boosts Hair Growth


Stressed about your hair graying prematurely and hair fall? Bhringa hair oil is here to the rescue. Crafted with the traditional goodness of organic ingredients.

Combined with the goodness of castor oil and onion oil, it also deeply nourishes & conditions your hair.

Castor oil is also known as Ricinus communis, is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil that comes from castor beans.

Onion hair oil, in combination with Redensyl, reduces hair fall and makes hair healthy.

Adds Strength & Shine-Full of nature’s goodness, a blend of nourishing oils such as Sunflower Oil, Amla Oil, Hibiscus Oil, etc. our onion oil makes hair strong from the inside & shinier on the outside.

Balances Scalp-Castor Oil is known to nourish the scalp. Rich in Vitamin D, Almond Oil provides nutrition to the scalp, making hair healthier and stronger.

Onion oil:
Onion oil, rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants, reduces hair fall & accelerates hair regrowth. One of the newest breakthrough ingredients in hair growth, Redensyl, unblocks hair follicles & also boosts new hair growth. Safe for colored & chemically treated hair, the onion oil is free of harmful chemicals & toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, and Dyes.
And because of our no toxins and no harmful chemicals philosophy, you won’t find any Silicones, Parabens, mineral oil & dyes in our organic onion hair oil. 

Onion Seed Oil : 

Onion Oil increases blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair growth. It also prevents hair loss.

Redensyl : 

The newest breakthrough ingredient against hair loss, and the best alternative to hair transplantation, Redensyl can significantly boost hair density, thickness, fullness, strength and overall health.

Almond Oil : Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, Vitamin E, magnesium present in Onion Oil nourish and strengthen your hair while being optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair.

Castor Oil : 

It deeply nourishes the scalp with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants and helps increase the blood circulation to the scalp. Castor Oil also improves absorption of other ingredients in the hair and locks in scalp & strang moisture.

Bhringraj Oil : It aids in blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair fall. Since it is also deeply moisturizing, it works as a natural conditioner for your tresses.

Amla Oil : 

Amla Oil promotes overall health of hair & scalp, and prevents premature greying.

Reetha: Reetha helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp. According to Ayurveda, dandruff is the prime cause of hair fall. It is a condition marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. Reetha helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property. The Tikshna (sharp) nature of Reetha also helps to keep the scalp dandruff- free.

Shikakai Powder: 

Shikakai, also called Shika in Tamil, Seekaaya in Telugu, and Soap pod in English is a powerful ayurvedic cure for healthy, long hair. The Shikakai tree's pods, leaves, and bark are high in vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. It may be used to clean hair, make hair oil, and even make hair masks to feed the hair as well as help it grow quickly. Shikakai also contains vitamins that aid in hair regeneration.

Shikakai promotes hair development, reduces hair loss and breakage, and adds bounce and lustre to the hair. Shikakai is also utilised in many Ayurvedic shampoos and soaps, and its bark has a high quantity of saponins, which are employed as a foaming ingredient in many shampoos. Saponins are a gentle cleaning agent that aids in the maintenance of a clean and healthy scalp.

Tea tree oil: 

Tea tree oil has the ability to transform your hair, starting at the scalp. Its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent treatment for dandruff, improving overall scalp health. Healthy hair and new growth start at the scalp, so improving your scalp health should be the first step in any attempt to increase hair growth.

Coconut oil: 

Of the thousands of supposed uses, coconut oil has been crowned the beauty ingredient of the century. That's because of its many benefits.

Moisturizing: Besides the fact that it's so accessible (and attainable), coconut oil is packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin E, making it an ideal ingredient for treating dry hair (or skin).

Repairs damage: As proven, coconut oil is deeply hydrating for your hair. I swear by massaging a dollop of coconut oil into my roots down to the ends of my naturally curly hair. It leaves a subtle shine, and my hair feels moisturized for long periods of time.

Improves the overall health of the hair: "Coconut oil can help to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp (as well as reduce oil buildup," Marchbein says.


Kalonji oil is rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it one of the best oils for hair. It known to reverse hair damage and help in hair regrowth

Methi Dana:

Fenugreek seeds also have high protein and nicotinic acid content, which are known to be beneficial against hair fall and dandruff, and in treating a variety of scalp issues like dryness of hair, baldness, and hair thinning.


100% pure ayurvedic treatment with 100% organic ingredients


Step 1 : Lukewarm in a bowl.

Step 2 : Part your hair in two halves and apply the oil directly to the scalp

Step 3 : Leave it overnight, or for few hours.

Step 4 : Wash off with Daadi Pharma Shampoo

Use 2-3 days a week for best results


Store in a cool and dry place, Away from Direct Sunlight


Available in 100g and 200g Packs.

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